Justin Bieber struggles with vocabulary, curses at court reporter during deposition

Maybe Justin Bieber should have stayed in school.

The 19-year-old pop star-turned-rebellious-teen ran into some issues with his vocabulary during a deposition taped in Miami last week that TMZ obtained and posted on their website.

Bratty Bieber isn’t in the mood to cooperate in the deposition regarding a lawsuit claim that his bodyguard beat up a photographer. At one point, a lawyer asks the Biebs if Usher was “instrumental in starting your career."

The clearly ungrateful Biebs replies, “I was found on YouTube. I think I was detrimental to my own career.”

VIDEO: Click here to see Justin's awful deposition moments

The star’s lawyers quickly chime in and correct the sentence, pointing out that he meant instrumental, and then Bieber repeats “instrumental.”

It seems the singer doesn’t have much respect for Usher, who memorably mentored him during the start of his success.

“Do you know Raymond Usher IV?” the lawyer asks, and Bieber replies “No.” He only admits he knows the superstar performer when asked if he knows “an individual entertainer by the name of Usher,” to which Bieber replies “that sounds familiar.”

The star eventually admits that Usher is a close friend and confidante who was “helpful” at the start of his career.

But then Bieber gets really annoyed with the only person in the room who could care less how the proceedings go -- the court reporter.

Bieber responds "Yeah" so faintly to a question that the court reporter apologetically has to ask him to speak up because she can't hear him, to which Bieber blurts: "Yes and no are fu**ing pretty, pretty different."

Bieber's lawyer then hustles the "Baby" singer out of the room.