Joey + Rory Feek still hope for a miracle

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Joey + Rory are still hopeful Joey Feek can beat cancer, but they recognize the outpouring of love from friends, family and fans is a miracle to be cherished.

In a statement made to People, the couple thank fans for prayers and endless encouragement,” adding that they’re far from giving up. "Joey and Rory still have hope for a miracle, but realize one has already happened through the outpouring of love and prayers for them during this journey. They are cherishing every moment spent together and have found peace through the path God is leading them down."

The comments follow several emotional posts on Rory Feeks This Life I Live blog and the duo's Facebook page. On Saturday, Joey's husband talked about the special relationship they have with their bus driver and the friends he brought to see her, perhaps for the final time. He revealed that the bus was also holding a handmade wooden box that Joey requested she be buried in.

The next morning, Rory shared a photo of Joey hugging her daughters, including 1-year-old Indiana and his two girls from a previous marriage, who think of Joey as a mom.

An article in the Tennessean revealed that doctors initially gave Joey Feek six to nine months to live after she ended cancer treatments in October. That timeline has been accelerated, Cindy Watts writes. Two weekends ago, home hospice was arranged for at the 40-year-old's childhood home, and she says she'll remain there.

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