Jessie James Decker: Moms can be sexy too, how do you think we got to be moms?

Country star Jessie James Decker has a new daughter, Vivianne Rose, a new holiday single, “Baby, It’s Christmas,” and her reality show, “Redneck Island,” premieres tonight. The busy wife of New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker talked to FOX411 about how she juggles it all during the busy holiday season.

FOX411: You said in a radio interview that your husband is depressed by his team’s losing season. How do you cheer him up?

Jessie James Decker: That was a little over-dramatized for sure. If anyone knows, I’m definitely dramatic. I cheer him up by making him a good meal or by giving him a massage, or something, like most wives do.

FOX411: You’re a mom now, what do you think of Kourtney Kardashian posing naked under a wet t-shirt at eight months pregnant?

Decker: I think everyone is going to be comfortable with what they want to do, you know? I know that sounds like a standard answer, but it is. Whatever someone is comfortable doing, you’ve got to respect that. For people saying you can’t be sexy after becoming a mother, I say, how do you think I got pregnant?

FOX411: You once posed for Maxim, would you ever do that again?

Decker: Well, I’m on the cover of “Alexa Magazine,” it’s a little sexy. It’s a little fun. I feel good in my skin. I’m proud of my body after I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Yeah. Why not?

FOX411: You posed while you were pregnant in lingerie. Was that harrowing?

Decker: I did, I did. I was comfortable and it was even better because I was with my husband. It was safe. We were married and having a baby. It’s okay to show a little belly.

FOX411: What can fans expect from the new season of “Redneck Island?”

Decker: It’s a really fun show. It’s a competition where people couple up and team up together to win $100,000, and you have to do all of these crazy, different things from eating raw fish to chitlins to being shot out of the water. It was really crazy. Someone even had to go to the hospital.

FOX411: Tell us about your new single, “Baby! It’s Christmas.”

Decker: It’s a song that I co-wrote and co-produced. It’s all of our family traditions combined into one song, and now we have our daughter who is going to be a part of these traditions for the rest of our lives so I wanted to write something that was all of our favorite things combined into one for her to listen to.

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