Jamie Lynn Spears: 'We were shown God's grace'

One month after Jamie Lynn Spears' 8-year-old daughter Maddie nearly died in an ATV accident, the family has a reason to celebrate.

"A month ago, at this time, I was living a mothers/anyones worst nightmare happening right infront of my eyes, helplessly," Spears wrote on Instagram. "Fastforward- Today, we were able to celebrate the baptism of our sweet Kylie Blair."

The country singer shared a picture of Maddie holding her cousin Kylie Blair. She has shared several pictures of Maddie since her accident including a photo of herself, mom Lynne Spears and her daughter on Ash Wednesday.

"I'm not one to preach, but we were shown God's grace, and we still feel undeserving of His mercy," Spears continued. "I'll never stop thanking each of you for your prayers, because we recognize the miracle it created."

She concluded, "We are beyond blessed, and we will NEVER forget y'all, and God's unbelievable mercy."