It Looks Like Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel Is About Ready to Give Birth Any Second Now

According to reports, Candice Swanepoel isn't due to give birth until sometime around October. But judging by her latest pics, we're wondering if those reports didn't mean October of last year.

The South African supermodel and longtime Victoria's Secret Angel recently Instagrammed a nearly nude pregnancy photo in which she's seen cradling the massive baby bump poking through her unbuttoned shirt (above). Our eagle-eyed readers will also notice that she isn't wearing any pants, because despite what she told FNM in going pantsless is way more comfortable than slapping on a pair of sweatpants, which she named as her favorite item of clothing:

This wasn't the first time Swanepoel has shared photos of her baby bump with social media followers — it's just (by far) the bumpiest. In fact, the Angel has been sharing pregnancy snaps throughout pretty much her entire term, and in true supermodel fashion, each shot is more gorgeous than the last.

Take a look below at Swanepoel's many, many pregnancy pics, then place your bets on her actual due date. (We call dibs on "yesterday.")