Michael Jackson’s son Prince has landed the plum job as a special correspondent at "Entertainment Tonight." During an interview with his new employer, Prince said he's "looking to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter, and actor.”

He may have a ways to go, as the 16-year-old has yet to graduate high school, and was, for much of his life, shielded from everyday reality by his protective pop star father. We're talking shielded as in wearing masks and costumes in public, and running around for years on the Neverland Ranch with monkeys and giraffes.

Which leaves pretty much one thing on Prince’s resume – his last name.

Now Jacko Jr. is hardly the first celeb to get by in Hollywood on his famous lineage.  But has "ET" gone too far in hiring a kid whose main claim to fame is moonwalking in his father’s shadow?

“This absolutely is a contrived move by the network to get ratings," said Dorothy Cascerceri, the senior editor at In Touch Weekly Magazine. "There’s so many very, very talented people out there who have worked in journalism and who have had internships and jobs in that sort of thing that are probably much more qualified to that this position."

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But pop culture watcher Lorenzo Borghese, the former "Bachelor" star who is himself Italian royalty (his dad is Prince Francesco Marco Luigi Costanzo Borghese), disagrees.

“Life isn’t fair. This is 100 percent about ratings," he told FOX411's In the Zone. "If he increases ratings it’s a great move. If he’s horrible at what he does he’ll be thrown off the air.”

But Cascerceri said it’s unfair to give a job to someone without any credentials, famous or not.

“It definitely is unfair in a certain way," she said. "When it comes to getting jobs and moving up in the world it’s all about who you know."

SiriusXM radio personality Cristina Palumbo shared her sentiments.

“It’s hard to see somebody be able to bust through without having to come up and climb the ladder," she said. "Who’s going to say no to Michael Jackson’s kids or Will Smith’s kid? Celebrities are American royalty.”

But Borghese said complains about Prince cutting in line are much ado about nothing.

“Having your father as Michael Jackson will open up many doors," he said. "But it doesn’t mean you’re going to stay there.”