Irina Shayk's Beachy Bikini Pic, Jennifer Love Hewitt's 'Can't Hardly Wait' Idea, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody can't stop talking about:

• The other day on Instagram, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irina Shayk shared a skimpy bikini photo from the Greek village of Megara (above), where she might be vacationing with boyfriend Bradley Cooper. We say "might" because they were photographed in Italy last week, but also because what kind of idiot wouldn't follow her to Greece?

• Wanna look just as good as Irina? Take a few tips from yoga expert Dempsey Marks. We recently asked Marks demonstrate four yoga poses to tone our most stubborn areas — namely, our inner thighs and butt. Watch the below and follow along, then submit a bunch of selfies to Sports Illustrated, because

• Earlier this week on Twitter, Jennifer Love Hewitt professed her love the 1998 film "Can't Hardly Wait" (she played Amanda) and added that she'd be keen on doing a reunion movie. For that matter, we're also guessing Hewitt would be keen on doing a reunion movie of any of the films she's been in, and probably even the ones she hasn't, so long as she gets a speaking role.

• Christine Ouzounian, the nanny with whom Ben Affleck allegedly cheated on Jennifer Garner with, is reportedly trying to land herself a gig on reality TV as a contestant on "The Bachelorette" or "Dancing With the Stars." But she's only really got a shot at the former, at least until "DWTS" starts recognizing "sexpot L.A. nannies" as stars, which won't be for another few years.

• Just months after they recruited "SNL" announcer Darrell Hammond to portray Colonel Sanders, KFC has debuted a new series of ads featuring "SNL" funnyman Norm Macdonald as the "real" Colonel Sanders (below). We're guessing they plan to keep rotating "SNL" cast members into the role, so there's still hope for you yet, Joe Piscopo and A. Whitney Brown!

• Former "Daily Show" host John Stewart will reportedly be hosting WWE's SummerSlam on Sunday, August 23. In related news, wrestling legend Undertaker has yet to announce his intentions to take over as host of "CBS Sunday Morning," but we wouldn't bet against it, especially in this new, bizarro world.

• MMA champion Ronda Rousey recent remarked in a Reddit AMA that if she were play any superhero on film, it would be Captain Marvel. Fans have already begun lobbying on Rousey's behalf (see the drawings below), but we highly doubt they'll be successful in convincing the studio to stray from its first choice: convincing Robert Downey Jr. to cram himself into Captain Marvel's skin-tight catsuit.

• As announced by Disney CEO Bob Iger, Disney World and Disneyland will both be augmenting their parks with 14-acre "Star Wars"-themed "lands," giving die-hard fans the chance to explore locations and spaceships from the film. Hopefully, there will also be an attraction that lets visitors shoot that no-good Greedo in the face completely unprovoked, just the way God intended.

• Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" on October 17, marking his first public performance since suffering a terrible car accident in June 2014. We sincerely hope it serves as his triumphant return to comedy, although we're simultaneously hoping his Brian Fellow character still knows nothing of zoology:

• And finally, Zayn Malik (most famous for being a former member of One Direction) and Calvin Harris (most famous for being Taylor Swift's boyfriend) began fighting on Twitter after Malik re-tweeted a meme that suggested Swift is only concerned with money. It seemed to culminate with Malik calling Harris a "d***head," but don't count Harris out just yet; we're sure he knows a few choice third-grade insults to sling at Zayn, too.