Indiana lawmaker won't resign over Sydney Leathers sexting scandal

Indiana state representative Justin Moed, who last week apologized to constituents for trading raunchy sexts with porn star Sydney Leathers, spoke on the House floor Monday and said he would not resign.

The state's House leaders said Moed hadn't broken any ethics rules.

Indianapolis TV station Fox59 asked Moed if all the allegations against him were true true.

“I haven’t read everything out there. I can’t tell you that," he said.

Over the course of a month, Moed posted graphic sexual texts to Leathers -- the same woman whose sexts brought down New York Rep. Anthony Weiner -- on Twitter using the handle “Bitch Boy” and sent her gifts including a “Fetish Fantasy Series Pink Leash & Collar."

A source close to Leathers says the sexting relationship between Leathers and “Bitch Boy” began on Feb. 4, when he responded to a Twitter post from her the previous day asking for “new, legitimate #findom slave. Must actually be willing to spend money or you are useless to me.”

The two began to correspond, the source said, and “Bitch Boy” began to send her gifts. The gifts ranged from a $54.98 pair of Steve Madden women’s pumps, in pewter, to a “sex bomb bath bomb” -- a brand of bubble bath -- lingerie and money, which he wired via PayPal.

“This guy is into some really freaky stuff,” Leathers said in the Page Six report. “He wanted to be forced to wear a French maid outfit and clean my house while I degraded him. He wanted to be tied up and left in a closet to watch me have sex with my boyfriend.”

A graduate of Butler University, Moed was first elected to the Indiana House of Representatives in 2012, and was re-elected 2014. He was also engaged when the sexts were made public.

"I am truly sorry I have hurt the ones I love most with my poor judgment," he said last week. "I am committed to rebuilding trust with my family and my community. This is a private matter and I ask for it to be treated as such. I apologize to my constituents and to everyone I have let down."

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