In the FOXlight: The Cast of 'Suicide Squad' Became 'Demented Brothers and Sisters,' Says Margot Robbie

The cast of "Suicide Squad" is just as delightfully dysfunctional as they appear on screen — but in the best way possible, if that makes any sense.

Confused? Let us explain: The movie follows a task force of dangerous assassins, maniacs and psychopaths, so the actors pretty much brought the crazy to the film's set every day.

"We saw each other at our best and we saw each other at our worst … a lot," says Margot Robbie, who portrays Harley Quinn in the new supervillain flick. "It was kind of like a family of really demented brothers and sisters by the end of it."

"And most of the actual actors are certifiable," adds Will Smith, who stars as Deadshot.

That's not to say their personalities clashed behind the scenes — it was quite the opposite, actually,  As actor Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag) says, "Somehow, this group just really got along, and it was just a really positive, generous atmosphere."

In other words, the cast wasn't quite as unhinged as they appear on-screen, but they had loads of mischievous fun nonetheless.

Watch the rest of Michael Tammero's interview with the "Suicide Squad" cast (above) for an inside look at the film, along with a funny look at the strange tic Jared Leto gave his character (The Joker) during filming.