In the FOXlight: Lorenzo Lamas Doesn't Shy Away From Details in New Autobiography

A lot of us grew up watching Lorenzo Lamas on classic shows like "Falcon Crest" or "Renegade," but we were equally enthralled with his private life. Perhaps that's why he recently penned an autobiography on the subject, which sheds light on all the highs and lows of his career — and especially his exploits in the '80s.

"That was a very special part of my life," remarked Lamas in an exclusive interview with FOX correspondent Michael Tammero  "It was a decade of success and excess."

Curious to learn more? The actor, now 57, writes all about it in his new autobiography "Renegade at Heart."

"There are perceptions out there that are just not accurate. 'Why the five marriages? What happened? Why four divorces? How do you explain that?' … I don't leave much unsaid," he chuckled.

"I wanted it to be a fun read," he continued. "I really wanted the reader to come away with a smile, and a laugh, and then it's like, 'OK. Now he's not such a jerk.'"

Watch the rest of Michael Tammero's interview with Lamas in the video above, and be sure to pick up "Renegade at Heart" in book stores everywhere.