Hilary Duff is blasting her fellow millennials for not self-quarantining or practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The mom of two on Sunday posted a video to her Instagram Story telling "young" people to stay at home.

"To all you young millennial a--holes that keep going out partying: go home," Duff, 32, said. She added, "Stop killing old people please."


The actress also asked her followers for suggestions on what to watch while she and her family are stuck inside.

Health agencies and local officials have been urging people to practice thorough handwashing, keep their hands off their face, stay home when sick and even employ social distancing in an effort to stifle the spread of novel coronavirus. While the first three may seem self-explanatory, many are wondering what exactly social distancing means.

“Social distancing for COVID-19 means avoiding places or gatherings where you are likely to be exposed to respiratory droplets from others – directly or on surfaces,” Dr. Jill Grimes, an urgent care physician at the University of Texas told Fox News.

“We know this virus is spread primarily by these droplets, up to a distance of roughly six feet (from a cough or a sneeze) and so avoiding areas where people are physically closer than six feet is key," she said.


Grimes added that those areas could include public transportation, which during rush hour usually entails standing shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers and holding onto communal poles or straps for balance.

“If you have any chronic disease or condition that weakens your immune response, now is the time for you to practice social distancing to decrease your own exposure,” Grimes said. “Additionally, even if you are low risk (healthy, young), social distancing can reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19 and passing it on to someone around you that is at risk.”

Many states and cities including Massachussets and New York City have implemented several efforts to keep people at home by closing restaurants and entertainment venues.

Fox News' Alex Hein contributed to this report.