Hilaria Baldwin Works on Her Yoga Book and SushiSamba Cooks Up Mushroom Toban Yaki

Here's what everybody's buzzing about:

Earlier this week, Hilaria Baldwin shared a photo of herself working on her upcoming yoga book (below), and it also appears to serve as an extremely effective advertisement for her upcoming yoga book.

National Mushroom Month is only a few weeks away, and yet you still don't have a recipe for your office's annual mushroom potluck cook-off! (What's the matter with you?) Well don't panic, because we asked the executive chef of SushiSamba, Pedro Duarte, to show us his recipe for mushroom toban yaki. Watch how he makes it in the video above (unless, of course, you want Donna in Accounts to win the cook-off again).

Just like any sane family who has no ancestral ties to Scandinavia, Casey Kasem's relatives are not OK with his wife shipping his body off to Norway. They'd rather he be buried in California, where they'll at least have a fighting chance of keeping Kasem's widow from continuing with her "Weekend at Bernie's"-type shenanigans.

Marvel released the first official photo from the movie "Ant-Man," and maybe it's just us, but Ant-Man looks a whole lot like a normal man who's buying an illegal shipment of cigarettes down by the San Francisco docks.

Halle Berry's ad campaign for her new perfume, Wild Essence, sees her roaming through the jungle covered in a thick layer of sweat. And yet, somehow, she still has us convinced that she smells great.

The trailer for the upcoming Brad Pitt and Shia LeBeouf film "Fury" hit the web on Tuesday, and thankfully, it's pretty heavy on the Pitt and extra light on the LaBeouf:

Johnny Depp and Kevin Smith's 15-year-old daughters will be starring together in a film called "Yoga Hosers," where they somehow save their high school with their supernatural yoga skills, as opposed to their fathers' money.

After being asked about her least favorite body part, Dita Von Teese proclaimed on Twitter that she never dwells on her flaws, and tries to appreciate her body instead. That's a great answer, but it's also pretty easy to say when you look fantastic in the nude.

Jackie Chan’s 31-year-old son Jaycee was detained in Beijing for possession of marijuana. But if he's anything like his father, he couldn't have been detained for long. We like to imaging that he backflipped off the arresting officer's head and shimmied out a narrow window to freedom.

Nicki Minaj released a racy new video for her song "Anaconda" in which she basically gives rap artist Drake a lapdance, or as much of a lapdance she can get away with on TV. At the very least, she gives him a very thorough twerking:

Matthew McConaughey wore a fanny pack to a Red Sox game in Boston on Sunday, and told a reporter that he "kinda put[s] it on the side to make it look a little not as nerdy." You know what also helps to make it look cool? Having a face like Matthew McConaughey. That usually does the trick.

"Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" actress Jaime King showed a fair amount of leg at the film's L.A. premiere on Tuesday night. So wait, is she the "dame" we're killing for? Because Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson and Jamie Chung are in this thing too. Who is this dame we're supposed to kill for?!?

Miranda Lambert is the latest celebrity to jump on the lob bandwagon (below), which she will presumably ride until her hair gets long enough to pull into a at which point she'll transfer from the lob bandwagon to the loose-bun locomotive.

And finally, a woman in Texas was so desperate to reunite with her incarcerated boyfriend that she reportedly stole a bottle of wine and got herself hauled off to jail on purpose. We're guessing she only remembered the concept of "visiting hours" once she was safely in the back of the cruiser.