Hannah Ferguson's Swimsuit for 37 Degree Weather, Get a Bikini Body for Summer, and More

Check this out:

• Being the talented model that she is, Texas-born beauty and Sports Illustrated star Hannah Ferguson managed to wear a tiny bikini despite blistering temperatures and still look ah-mazing. "Believe it or not this was 37 degree weather!" says Ferguson to her fans on Instagram.

• Shape Magazine cover girl Jessica Alba may look smokin’ hot in a swimsuit (as seen below), but even she struggles staying in tip-top shape. “I’m not going to lie. Working out sucks,” says Alba. “Which is why I love taking classes, because I’m surrounded by other people and that keeps me motivated and accountable.”

• Swimsuit season is practically here, folks. If you need some inspiration to make heads turn in a bikini a la Alba, don’t fret — celebrity fitness trainer Simone De La Rue shows us her moves to get a gorgeously toned beach-ready body in time for summer. See the video above and learn how to sculpt those trouble areas.

• Singer and former Disney starlet Selena Gomez was one of the many featured ladies in Taylor Swift’s star-studded music video, titled “Bad Blood.” And while everyone has already seen it by now, the 22-year-old is still sharing some sizzling snaps of her sheer couture for fans.

• Speaking of Swift, the leggy pop singer has been proudly showing off her new boyfriend, Scottish producer/DJ Calvin Harris, all around New York City.

WATCH: Do Your Eye Makeup Like Taylor Swift

• Ouch! Drake has replaced the Material Girl for RiRi in his song “Madonna,” which is apparently now about Rihanna. Many are speculating it’s because of that infamous kiss gone way wrong in Coachella.

• Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie,” starring legendary actreses Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, will be getting a second season.

• Curious about "Grace and Frankie"? One of its co-stars, the mama-to-be Brooklyn Decker, dishes on why everyone should be watching this show, like yesterday. See below for our exclusive interview with Decker below where she shares some hilarious clips.

• A very pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt is ready to pop any day now. The mom-to-be is reportedly giving birth in June, but before that, she’s revealing her massive belly for Palmer’s pregnancy line.

• Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but for a royal, no jewel will do. Queen Elizabeth’s crown not only weights a whopping three pounds, but it also features the world’s fourth-largest polished diamond.

Comedian Tracy Morgan has settled his lawsuit against Wal-Mart over a highway crash last year that killed one man and left two people, including the 46-year-old, seriously injured.

• Actor Leonardo DiCaprio was caught using a selfie stick all by his lonesome self in New York City. Reportedly, the 40-year-old modelizer is single, so maybe just has a lot of free time on his hands...

Longtime U2 tour manager Dennis Sheehan has died after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was 68-years-old.

• Ever wondered how actress Jennifer Aniston stays in red carpet-ready shape all year long? The Hollywood star recently took over Living Proof's Instagram account where she revealed some of her diet secrets. We must say, her breakfast looks super delish (and healthy).

• At age 69, Cher is the latest fashion model for couture designer Marc Jacobs.

• Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is still channeling the late Marilyn Monroe by going topless for Vogue Brasil: