FOX411 Playlist: Van Halen returns to charts, Grammys get a host

Chart-followers who didn't click play on last week's 411 Playlist might have had to take a double-take after seeing Van Halen on the Rock Songs List. The band is back and debuting at number 16 with "Tattoo," the first David Lee Roth led single off their reunion album "A Different Kind of Truth." Guess they haven't loss their touch.

It has been 16 years since we've seen a Van Halen single with Roth and seven years since we've seen the Grammy's with a host. The man chosen to scratch this seven-year-itch is none other than a two-time Grammy-winner himself, LL Cool J. It seems that his hosting of the nomination concerts since it's inception was a practice run for the big show, which will be held on February 12th.

Speaking of award shows, Madonna went home with a Golden Globe for her song "Masterpiece" from her film "W.E." Much like anything to do with Madonna there was a bit of drama on the red carpet before the show when fellow nominee Elton John told Carson Daly on live television that Madge "doesn't have an f---ing chance." Good thing he's a "rocket man" and not a betting man.

Another artist receiving an honor is Katy Perry after the video game franchise Electronic Arts announced a partnership between the "Teenage Dream" singer and the "Sims" franchise. In response to the Perry-inspired content the pop sensation says, "I always like to think of myself as a cartoon, and now I am a 'Sim'!"

To get much more music news including an exclusive chat with Ne-Yo on his cross over from the big stage to the big screen be sure to click play on this week's 411 Playlist!