FNM Exclusive: Justin Moore Is Grateful for Country Music Success, Never Has 'To Go Get a Real Job'

Justin Moore's latest album is called "Kinda Don't Care," but that wasn't his attitude when it came time to record it.

"I think [it's] our most diverse album yet, and hopefully our best album yet," Moore tells Fox News Magazine in an exclusive interview. "It was our goal to go into the studio and record an album that allowed us to stay true to what's gotten us to this point in our career, but also grow a little bit, stretch our legs a little bit, and, you know, modernize our sound just a touch."

For an example of a track that encompasses all of those goals, listeners don't need to look much further than "You Look Like I Need a Drink." As Moore himself admits, it's the one song on the album that took him by surprise:

"I got a Dropbox file from my producer with like, 20 or 25 songs on it, and that was one of them," Moore tells us about the hit single. "I always love when a title jumps off the page at me, and that one obviously did. And then when I heard the song, it was a completely different storyline than I anticipated it was gonna be." ("I also love when a song surprises you like that," he adds.)

So if there was an area of Moore's career that his "Kinda Don't Care" philosophy comes into play, it's that he doesn't stress out about fame.

"I'm less concerned about things than when I was at the beginning of my career," says Moore. "Back in the day, before I had a lot of success, if it wouldn't have worked out, I would have had to go get a real job. Now that things have gone as well as they have, I know that I'm not going to have to do anything but play music for the rest of my life."

"So, from this point forward, this is the cherry on top."

Watch the rest of our exclusive interview with Justin Moore above, then check out Moore's new album "Kinda Don't Care," available in stores an online starting August 12th.