FNM Exclusive: If Alexandria Morgan Wasn't a GUESS Girl, Her Dream Job Would Be WHAT?

GUESS model Alexandria Morgan has what many of us would consider a dream job, shooting glamorous ads for the brand's latest campaign. But is it her dream job?

Well, yes, it probably is. But that doesn't mean Morgan hasn't thought about an alternate career path.

In an exclusive interview with Alexandria, we asked what job she might like if she weren't a GUESS Girl, but not before inquiring about her beginnings in the industry.

As she tells us in the video above, Morgan was discovered on Facebook, of all places. "I totally thought it was a scam at first, but I'm glad I went with it," she says. "I ended up meeting my manager, who then brought me to my agency and started my career."

"It's really — I keep saying 'surreal' — but that's the only word I can think of. It's just surreal."

We also found out that if Morgan wasn't doing what she's doing, she might have taken up another passion professionally: walking dogs. Her mother, however, is very proud of her daughter's current gig with GUESS — and maybe even a little too proud.

"I told my mom about it, and she went and bought up all the magazines that had my GUESS campaign in it," Morgan laughs. "She held it up in the store and was like, 'This is my daughter! This is my daughter!' So she's really excited for me."

For more from Morgan, including her two good reasons for moonlighting as a dog walker, watch the rest of our exclusive interview above. Then after, scroll down to check out a few of her recent modeling shots.