FNM Exclusive: Ashley Williams Says 'The Jim Gaffigan Show' is About Chaos and Snacking

Ashley Williams is quickly learning what it's like to be married to Jim Gaffigan.

On their new TV Land series "The Jim Gaffigan Show," Williams plays the funnyman's better half Jeannie — and according to her, viewers are in for a hilariously accurate portrayal of the Gaffigans' home life.

"It's about their lives, and the chaos that comes with having five kids, and having a stand-up comedy career … and, umm, you know … snacking."

Snacks aside, Williams says "The Jim Gaffigan Show" isn't just another sitcom featuring a bumbling husband and his finger-wagging wife.

"They're really letting me also have my own flaws and my own demons," she laughs. "It's been really fun, because the truth is, Jeannie has a little bit of crazy in her. And they really let me go there."

Watch the rest of Ashley's exclusive interview above for more silly stories from the set and clips from the new show.