Fans blame Katy Perry on social media for the death of a nun who was suing her

After the ABC reboot of “American Idol” allegedly spent a huge portion of its budget on superstar Katy Perry, controversy over the tragic death of a nun who was suing her may have severely diminished the “Roar” singer’s appeal.

As previously reported, Perry is locked in an ongoing property battle against a group of nuns. Perry is hoping to buy a sprawling eight-acre plot of land in California that previously belonged to a convent for the nuns until the archdiocese of Los Angeles evicted them. The nuns reportedly didn’t want to sell their former home to Perry, opting instead to try and sell it to a businesswoman. However, a court ruled that the archdiocese, which sided with Perry, had the right to sell the property, not the nuns.

While at a court appearance arguing the case, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman collapsed and died soon after. Following the news, the status of the lawsuit appears to be unchanged.

Now many of the star’s fans and detractors alike have taken to social media to voice their displeasure at the ongoing legal battle.

“Doesn’t @katyperry have enough? These poor nuns are fighting for their home,” one user wrote.

“The collusion between Katy Perry and Archbishop Gomez to tear these nuns from their home because she decided she wants it is… There aren’t even words. This woman, and I use this term lightly, is a monster,” another noted.

“Drop your lawsuit against the nuns. Do you really need that property? What is wrong with you??? No longer have any respect for you,” said another.

It’s worth noting that Holzman’s cause of death has not yet been disclosed. However, given the location of her collapse, fans have jumped to the conclusion that it had something to do with the stress of the Perry case and have hyperbolically accused the “American Idol” judge of indirectly killing the 89-year-old.

“We can forgive you for Russell Brand,” a snarky commenter wrote, noting her previous marriage to the comedian. “But killing nuns you want to make homeless? Eh… Maybe too far?”

“You killed a nun?!? You caused her so much stress and emotional distress, got her evicted and then sued killed an 89yr old nun! Over a house you wanted to buy. I hope it was worth it.” another user wrote, despite the lack of a cause of death.

Others were even less subtle.

“Give the nuns back their property before you kill another one. You’re awful,” someone tweeted.

Regardless of where people fell on the specifics of the incident, Page Six previously reported that ABC spent a whopping $25 million from its budget to secure the star for the “American Idol” reboot. Now, given the negative press and fan perception following the death of Holzman, some are connecting the two dots.

“How does Katy Perry have time for this show? Writing music, touring, killing old nuns,” a sarcastic user wrote.

“Katy Perry badgered a nun death,” someone similarly wrote. “Looks like @AmericanIdol has a huge PR Issue.”

Perry has not yet issued a statement on the matter.