Emily Ratajkowski appears to have broken her silence about recent reports that she and her new husband have been exploiting a legal loophole to live rent-free in New York City.

The couple's landlord recently claimed that the model, 27, and independent movie producer, Sebastian Bear-McClard, 38, have not paid rent for the NoHo loft where they've lived since 2017. The landlord also accused the couple of playing extremely loud music all night long.

Ratajkowski attempted to explain the situation on Twitter.

"Husband is 38, not 31," she began. "He’s an independent movie producer so people thinking he’s rich is real nice but not based in fact. He was raised in the neighborhood he lives in now, both of his parents are artists who were priced out of their homes in downtown New York. I moved in w/...

"...him a year ago," Ratajkowski continued. "I’m proud he’s fighting the good fight against a real estate conglomerate that bought the building he lives in for 40 million and has continued to spread misinformation on its tenants in order to profit. NYC has changed so much and it’s a shame that people..."

"...who work in creative fields are being moved out of the city," she concluded.

Antoni Ghosh reportedly sublets the apartment to the couple and also lives next door. He said he's been trying to evict the two because Bear-McClard hasn't paid Ghosh $120,000 in rent, The New York Post reported.

Bear-McClard is claiming protection under the Loft Law, according to the paper. The state law was enacted in 1982 and blocks landlords from forcing out artists and other low-income tenants living in commercial loft spaces. But, Bear-McClard supposedly is worth $12 million and Ratajkowski is a successful model-actress.


Per the Post, Ghosh also filed papers in Manhattan Supreme Court in which he alleged that Bear-McClard and Ratajkowski have been obnoxious neighbors.

He reportedly provided text messages with Bear-McClard detailing accusations of loud music frequently blaring in the early-morning hours.

“Can you turn music off, trying to sleep, it’s 4:30 for Christ sake,” Ghosh texted Bear-McClard in December 2015 according to the court documents obtained by the Post. He texted again in May 2016, “Hey Sebastian, I don’t know if you got a home theater system, but it sounds like it’s in my apartment, can you turn it down, trying to sleep.”

And, in October 2016, "Hey, can you turn it down, 4 am and you woke me and my daughter up. I can’t have late parties here, otherwise [the space] has to become completely commercial with no residential."

Fox News' efforts to contact a representative for Ghosh were unsuccessful.