Donald Trump joke gets 13-year-old a standing ovation on ‘America's Got Talent'

Lori Mae Hernandez is a precocious 13-year-old stand-up comedian who slayed her audition on “America’s Got Talent,” delighting judges and the audience alike.

In her act, the teen talked about her babysitting qualifications, saying she is not even in high school and still uses safety scissors, but people found her suitable to take care of their children.

"My only qualification to be a babysitter is that I used to be a baby," she said. "That's crazy. That's like saying, ‘Hey, you're sick a lot. Do you want to be my doctor?' Or, ‘Weren't you the host of a reality show? You want to be president of the United States?'"

That zinger directed at presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump got the already laughing crowd on their feet, with judges Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel joining the standing ovation.

"I love the confidence you have. I love that you write your own material," Klum told Hernandez. "I love that you include current events."

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Hernandez told the judges she started doing comedy when she was about 10 years old to help her dad smile after he was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, which is a form of temporary facial paralysis.

Her charm and jokes got Hernandez four yeses from the judges – which also include Mel B. and Simon Cowell – and a shot in the second round.

“You know what, Lori? There’s something about you. You’re really, really funny. Naughty Little Miss Innocent there," Cowell said. "You can be maybe the next Tina Fey or someone.”

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