Demi Lovato made headlines late last week when she was taken to the emergency room after having trouble breathing.

The 22-year-old singer, speaking to Extra’s Mario Lopez, acknowledged that she was taken to get checked, but that it was not such a big deal as the media made it out to be.

“There was an Urgent Care net to the ER. I just went there because I wasn’t feeling good,” Lovato said. “I was not rushed to the hospital … I was pretty sick, but I was not rushed to the hospital.”

The “Really Don’t Care” singer was taken to Providence Tarzana Medical Center in Los Angeles on Feb. 24 where doctors determined she had a bacterial infection in her lungs, according to several reports.

She was released sometime later and her publicist told Fox News Latino at the time she was home and "feeling much better."

Lovato assured Mario Lopez that she is feeling great now and is focusing on her health, adding that about six months ago she decided to make it a priority and she feels amazing.

The former Disney star has been sharing pictures of her progress with her fans and recently reminded young women (and men) that they don’t have to be completely thin to feel beautiful.

“I keep hearing this term 'thigh gap’ in social media and everything, and I feel like when we hear things as women – and men, too – but specifically women with this thigh gap thing, when we hear things over and over again we start to believe that’s what beautiful means,” she said. “It’s having this perfect beautiful, unattainable body. If you have one naturally that’s great… but for people that don’t naturally have it, I just wanted to remind them that you don’t need that to feel beautiful.”

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