Demi Lovato Calls Out Lady Gaga For 'Glamorizing' Eating Disorders At SXSW

Lady Gaga’s time at this year South by Southwest festival kicked off in her usual fashion.

The 27-year-old songstress invited her friend and performer Millie Brown – who is a “vomit painter" – to throw up some neon green liquid on her as she played the drums.

The provocative moment definitely got people talking including singer Demi Lovato who called out Lady Gaga for making light of eating disorders.

“Sad…. As if we didn’t have enough people glamorizing [eating] disorders already. Bottom line, it’s not “cool” or “artsy” at all,” she tweeted on Friday.

The 21-year-old Lovato, who did a rehab stint in 2010 to combat her own struggles with eating disorders, wrote, “Would you let someone bring a needle and shoot up on you? Addiction is addiction.”

“Putting the word ART in it isn't a free card to do whatever you want without consequences,” Lovato continued.

Lady Gaga’s fans came to her defense tweeting, among other things, that Lovato was making herself seem like an “attention whore” – but that didn’t stop the “Neon Lights” singer from voicing her opinion.

“It's not 'shade' and it's not 'hate.' But someone has to come forward and say it and I'll take the heat for it,” Lovato tweeted.

In a long post, Lovato continued: “All I’m saying is, artists in pop culture have influence on people… Young people who are struggling to figure out their identities are seriously influenced by the things they see their idols do. Whether we intend to or no, artists influence people of all ages and unfortunately what people see, people do.”

Lovato wrote, “And that’s why I had to say something ... Bulimia isn’t cool, and it won’t get you on stage with your favorite artist. I can’t not say anything because I stand up for what I believe in and speak out about mental illness.”

Brown responded to Lovato over the weekend, in an attempt to explain why she threw up on Lady Gaga.

“There’s a clear difference between using my body to create something beautiful, to express myself and feel powerful, rather than using it to punish myself or conform to society’s standards,” she told TMZ.

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