David Arquette, wife Christina recall struggles with second pregnancy: 'It was just a really tough time'

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When David Arquette and his wife Christina found out they were expecting a second child, the couple couldn’t have been more thrilled, but the pregnancy wasn't easy for Christina.

“I had a really tough pregnancy and it caught me off-guard because every baby is different,” Christina told Fox News. “But my first one was such a dream. So when my second one came along, and we were so excited when we found out the news, but about five weeks in, I started getting really sick to my stomach and I had morning sickness.

"However, it was not just in the morning. It was always at night, in the evening, at the end of the day after I would get through a long day of feeling under the weather.”

While morning sickness is a common symptom, the 35-year-old journalist, who had a “really easy and beautiful” first pregnancy with now 3-year-old son Charlie, said the extent of her sickness during her second pregnancy wreaked havoc on her daily life.

Just a whiff of her favorite meals made her vomit, she said.

“We tried everything too,” explained David. “We tried lemon water, ginger candies, even motion sickness bands.”

“And I didn’t only suffer from morning sickness,” added Christina. “So did David. I would be throwing up and he would try to be sweet and hold my hair, but he really has bad gag reflex... everybody was throwing up.”

The actor said he was concerned for his wife.

“It’s just so hard when you see her suffering,” said the 45-year-old. “I was doing a lot of the kid pickups and putting him to bed — she couldn’t put Charlie to bed. Things like that to help out. But you really feel a little hopeless, helpless that you can’t do something to relieve her."

Christina said she believes there are women who have similar experiences but don't share them.

“It was just a really tough time because it was unexpected, I didn’t know a lot about morning sickness when it hit me,” she admitted. “I don’t think a lot of women always talk about it. You know, I’m from a place in the south where everyone’s like, ‘It’s good you’re throwing up! It’s a healthy pregnancy! This is part of life. This is part of being pregnant.'

"I’m just fortunate now that I get to sit here and tell women they don’t have to suffer in silence because there is relief out there.”

Christina sought advice from her doctor, who prescribed Diclegis to alleviate her symptoms. For her, it helped and she was able to dedicate more time with the family.

On March 8, the couple welcome a son named Augustus Alexis Arquette or “Gus” for short. He was named for David’s famous sibling Alexis Arquette, who passed away on September 11, 2016, at the age of 47 after battling HIV for 29 years.

“We lost Alexis right before Gus was born,” said David. “But we knew he was coming, so we told Alexis and Alexis was really excited about it. So we named him Augustus after my great-grandfather from my dad’s side. And then Alexis Arquette. It just sounded like a beautiful name. We wanted to honor Alexis.”

Christina said the name felt right.

“She always said that she would be a guardian angel to all the kids… It was just a fitting tribute," said Christina.

David also shares a 13-year-old daughter name Coco with his ex-wife, former “Friends” star Courteney Cox.

Now the family is focused on pursuing what they really love.

“We’ve just been spending a lot of time with the family,” said David. “Her mother came and started helping out as well. So that’s given us some time so we can pursue projects and do different things.”

“And we keep things pretty simple,” said Christina. “You know, at home we just do very traditional stuff, like family dinners and meals... And David has to travel a lot for work, so a lot of the times we would go on the road with him as well, which lets us explore fun food options in other cities.”

While David and Christina are enjoying life as parents, they have zero plans to try for another baby in the future.

“We have three basset hounds, so maybe we’ll expand the dog family?’ said Christina.

“No, I think we’re good!” stressed David. “We’re full. Check please!"