Darryl Strawberry's Double Beef Burger

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Super slugger Darryl Strawberry goes deep with this delicious new dish:


3 oz chopped BBQ brisket (or other savory pre-cooked filling)

7 oz ground, 80/20 chuck

1/2 sweet yellow onion, thinly sliced

1/4 cup pre-mixed fry coating

2 cups vegetable oil, enough to deep fry the onions

1 tbs BBQ spice

2 tbs BBQ sauce

1 hamburger bun


Heat the vegetable oil to 375 degrees.

Dredge the onions in the Fry Coating.

Fry the onions in the oil until crisp (reserved fried onions).

Form the ground beef into two 3.5 oz thin patties.

Place the chopped BBQ Brisket in the middle of one patty, and then place the other on top.

Using your thumb and forefinger seal the two patties around the chopped brisket. The brisket needs to be sealed between the patties.

Light a charcoal grill and created a hot fire.

Liberally season the burger with BBQ spice on both sides.

Place the burger on the grill, and cook to an internal temperature of 158 degrees.

When done, place cooked burger on a toasted bun, top with bbq sauce and crispy onions and serve.