Christina Hendricks says she didn't get roles because of her curvy body

"Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks claims she was refused roles because her voluptous frame.

Hendricks revealed that prior to being cast in the hit show, she could not land a job in Hollywood.

"I auditioned for things where I knew I killed the audition. I knew I did," she told The Times. "'It was like, 'Oh, should I give you my sizes now, or...?' And they would call up and say, 'We just don't think that a doctor would look like that.' I would be embarrassed to even say that out loud."

The 42 -year-old star expressed her dismay.

"There should be a million different body types on television."

She added, "It's outrageous that there aren't. And it's outrageous that we're sitting here having this conversation and it's even a thing."

It wasn't until her "Mad Men" casting call that things turned around for Hendricks.

"I walk [into my audition] a little bit defeated. But I just put on my game face and did it. And I got this role. And ever since then I get all these, like, amazing strong-a--ed, powerful women."