Celebrities react to Attorney General William Barr getting grilled by Democrats on Mueller report

Hollywood celebrities weren’t thrilled with Attorney General William Barr after he appeared before a Senate Judiciary Committee to face questions from Democrats about his handling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia.

Barr was grilled by several Democrats who accused him of framing the investigation’s findings in a way that was favorable to President Trump. The hearing provided the attorney general with his most extensive opportunity yet to explain his department’s actions. Out west, left-leaning stars were quick to denounce both his responses and that of his defenders, like Sen. Lindsey Graham, on social media.


"Say it louder for the Presidential candidates in the back! #ImpeachTrump," wrote actress Amber Tamblyn, retweeting a note from Elizabeth Warren calling for Barr's resignation and Trump's impeachment.

"GET HIM MA," actor Ike Barinholtz wrote over the same Warren tweet.

"How is it that God -fearing Americans from South Carolina believe that @LindseyGrahamSC, who is nothing more than Trump’s fluffer, passes as worthy of a seat in the US Senate?" Alec Baldwin wrote in reference to Graham, who defended Barr.

John Cusack also took a shot at Graham saying, "Deathkkult water boy Lindsay -?ain’t gonna hear anything but lies from him - this the guy who through his dead friend under the bus to grovel to a white nationalist."

He also retweeted a message from director Rob Reiner that read: "William Barr has been up Trump’s a-- so long he’s built a second home there. Democracy is hanging by a thread."


Reiner continued in a follow-up tweet: "The cover up continues. Mueller upset that Barr lied for Trump. This bulls--- has to stop. The American public deserves the truth. Only televised hearings will show the depth of this President’s criminality."

"Just tuned into the #BarrHearing. Barr's been on the job for 3 minutes and already can't 'recall' 'substantive' conversations with the WH about ongoing investigations of the Trump Cartel. Think I've heard enough," wrote "Westworld" actor Jeffrey Wright.

"You should watch this. It proves thatLindsay Graham’s morality—like so many Republicans who continue to support Donald Trump—is highly negotiable," author Stephen King wrote over a video of Lindsey Graham talking about impeachment in 1999.

"When he wrote that it’s virtually impossible for a president to obstruct justice in 2018, Barr nailed his audition to be Trump’s attorney general and set a course to ensure that Trump is above the law," Alyssa Milano wrote. "From the #MuellerReport, seems Mueller believes otherwise."

"He just said he read MOST of the report. He didn’t have time to finish it? He’s the head of the committee. 
@LindseyGrahamSC," director Judd Apatow wrote.

Debra Messing kept it simple writing, "#BarrLied #FireBarr."

"The People have lost faith in the AG because he lied under oath and to the public. Law enforcement can only function when the People believe that enforcers are also subject to the laws they must enforce. The honorable thing to do, Mr. Barr, is resign. Have you any honor left?" wrote actor George Takei.

He continued: "Dear AG Barr: Asserting a belief of innocence does not grant anyone, including the president, the right to obstruct justice. And by the way, if Trump really believed he was innocent, why even risk trying to shut down the investigation? Only guilty people act that guilty."

"#LindsayGraham “a human shield for #DonaldTrump," Bette Midler said.

"Barr lied to Congress. We the American people pay his salary. He works for us. The facts led where they led, & party affiliation must not color their exposure. We need someone of integrity & impartiality in this highest position in our justice system, not a lackey #BarrMustResign," Mira Sorvino wrote.

Jim Carey posted a critical remark of Barr along with a new original painting of him.

"Watching William Barr testify is like getting caught in a monsoon of vomit. READY THE ARK!" he wrote.

"I never thought the words 'barr' and 'grill' could be so unsatisfying," wrote comedian Stephen Colbert.

"After watching the Barr hearing the country is in big trouble," Patricia Arquette noted.


"@SpeakerPelosi It’s time. #ImpeachBarr #Impeach45 #ImpeachmentHearingsNOW," wrote "Two and a Half Men" star Jon Cryer.