Candice Swanepoel Welcomes Spring, Brooklyn Decker Stars in 'Grace and Frankie,' and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening:

• On Thursday, Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel welcomed spring with a sunny photo of herself wearing booty shorts on Instagram, which she captioned with the words, "Spring got me all kinds of sprung." But as a side effect, spring seems to have got her all kinds of wedgies, too.

• Friday marks the debut of "Grace and Frankie," Netflix's newest comedy series starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and the always lovely Brooklyn Decker. Watch our video interview with Decker above for more about the show's hilarious plot, as well as her thoughts on working with screen legend Jane Fonda.

• Taylor Swift was chosen to grace the cover of Elle magazine's "Women in Music" issue, which probably comes as no surprise. What is surprising, however, was their decision to dress her in a sequinned, vertically striped onesie (below). And even more surprising, Taylor actually looks good in it.

• "Full House" actor Dave Coulier confirmed on Thursday that he will also be joining the cast of Netflix's upcoming "Fuller House" reboot. This news should come as quite a relief to "Uncle Joey" fans everywhere, who were no doubt worried that Coulier's participation in exactly zero other projects would preclude his involvement.

• Mel Gibson made a surprise (i.e: unexpected) appearance at Thursday night's Hollywood premiere of "Mad Max: Fury Road." According to Us Weekly, even new "Mad Max" star Tom Hardy wasn't expecting Gibson to show up, which is obvious from photos (below). Just look how thrilled he is to have this controversial actor's blessing!

• A thief (or group of thieves) has reportedly absconded with $200K worth of high-end clothing items from Demi Moore's North Hollywood storage unit. It's not clear how many, or even which specific items were stolen, but if anybody sees a man wearing Demi's metallic bicycle-short ensemble from the 1989 Oscars, tip off a nearby cop.

• Just as she's done with and Jimmy Fallon in the past, Ellen DeGeneres scared the snot out of upcoming "Ghostbusters" star Kristen Wiig by having a man jump out at her from inside an end table (below). By now, it's clear she won't stop until one of her guests has a full-on heart attack on set.

• Hulu is reportedly planning to debut a new television series based on the '90s computer game "Myst." If it's anywhere near as exciting as the original game, viewers can expect the show's protagonist to silently walk back and forth between an obelisk and a sundial, for hours on end, because he can't seem to find the next friggin' clue.

• According to an Instagram post he shared on Thursday, Chris Brown recently arrived home to find that a half-naked woman had broken into his house, cooked several meals, thrown out his daughter's clothes, and painted her own name on his cars. Unfortunately, Brown didn't specify whether he called the cops on the intruder, or if he simply forgave the vandalism and missing property because of all the nudity and plentiful food.

• And finaly, Lindsay Lohan's lawyers arrived in court on Thursday to give an update on the progress of her community service, but revealed that Lohan only completed about 10 of the 125 hours she was assigned. The judge claimed "there will be consequences" if Lindsay doesn't finish the rest by May 28, but no, there won't be — and not because the judge will go back on her word, but because Lindsay is more likely to flee to Russia before facing anything resembling consequences.