Brad Paisley invites singing police officers to concert gig after 'God Bless America' performance

Brad Paisley wants to share the spotlight with two talented police officers.

The country crooner took to Twitter on July Fourth to share a viral video of Boston officers Stephen McNulty and Kim Tavares performing “God Bless America” in their patrol car.

The 45-year-old was so stunned by the patriotic performance, he tweeted, “If you officers wanna sing when I play MA in August, open invite.”

Moments later, the Boston Police Department responded, “Hey @BradPaisley, our officers would be honored to sing with you when you come to town in August. Consider the invitation warmly and enthusiastically accepted.”

In the video, McNulty and Tavares are seen patroling the streets in their police car when they decided to participate in a sing-along. As Tavares prepared to harmonize, she asked her partner what note she’s singing.

“I think it’s a G,” McNulty promptly responded, before Tavares launched into “God Bless America.” Soon after, McNulty joins her and shows off his own powerful pipes.

This isn’t the first time Paisley has expressed his admiration for first responders.

Back in May, Taste of Country reported Paisley organized the “2nd Responders” benefit show in California to celebrate first responders who were on the front lines battling the dangerous wildfires and mudslides that wreaked havoc in 2017.