Bill Crystal's 'When Harry Met Sally 2' Has Bloody Twist

Billy Crystal's "When Harry Met Sally" has finally gotten a sequel in a new Web video that mixes in a bit of "Twilight."

Crystal debuted his first video for the comedy website on Wednesday. In it, he and director Rob Reiner pitch a "When Harry Met Sally" sequel to studio executives.

An executive played by Adam Scott requests one tweak: vampires. A trailer for the mock results follows, with Crystal falling for a woman in a retirement community named Sharon, played by Helen Mirren.
Sharon turns out to be a bloodsucking vampire.

The film is dubbed "Grampires: When Sharon Bit Harry."

A number of stars make cameos in the 4 1/2-minute video, including Maya Rudolph, Rob Riggle and, yes,Mike Tyson.

Check it out.