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Nothin' but Net: Coaches headed to the unemployment line

Philadelphia, PA ( - Wednesday will mark the end of the NBA regular season and thus the end of some head-coaching tenures.It's as inevitable as the sunrise and in some cases truly warranted. We could debate the merits of firing these men, but let's deal in realities. There are going to be vacancies, so let's take a look at those who are definitely gone, and those who should check the caller ID before answering the phone on Thursday.DEFINITELY GONEMIKE WOODSON, NEW YORK KNICKSMost, myself included, are pretty shocked that Woodson survived the season, but, assuming he doesn't get canned with a game to go, he will most assuredly not be brought back as the Knicks' skipper.Woodson is in trouble on two different fronts.First, someone has to take the fall for a team that will win almost 20 fewer games from last season. His 2012-13 Knicks squad won the Atlantic Division and got to the second round of the playoffs, but this group could be on the first tee at Bethpage Black Thu...

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  1. Mike Tyson a Broadway

    NUEVA YORK - Mike Tyson quiere que su próximo nocaut sea en Broadway.El ex boxeador anunció el lunes que se unirá al director Spike Lee para traer su espectáculo en ...

  2. 'Cosmos' returns to TV with host Neil deGrasse Tyson

    1980 documentary series rebooted by Seth MacFarlane

  3. Jerrod Niemann gets the party started

    Country star releases third album

  4. Activist battle: Loeb vs Ackman

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino breaks down the feud between investors Daniel Loeb and Bill Ackman.

  5. Mike Tyson steps out of the ring and into acting

    Boxing legend hosts six-part documentary series

  6. Mike Tyson dice que no es justo que Nueva Zelanda le revocara la visa

    Tres días después de que Nueva Zelanda le revocara la visa debido a una condena por violación, Mike Tyson lamentó la decisión.El ex campeón mundial de todos los peso...

  7. Mike Tyson granted visa to tour Australia after earlier rejection from New Zealand

    Australia has granted Mike Tyson a visa one week after he was barred from entering New Zealand due to his 1992 rape conviction.A spokeswoman from Australia's Departm...

  8. Mike Tyson no sabe si recibirá visa para Nueva Zelanda

    El ex campeón mundial de todos los pesos, Mike Tyson, dice que espera que le concedan visa para visitar Nueva Zelanda en noviembre, pero que no "rogará" a las autori...

  9. Mike Tyson se asusta con un koala en Australia

    El excampeón de los pesos pesados Mike Tyson, otrora calificado como "el hombre más malo del Planeta", se sintió intimidado por un koala australiano, informó hoy la ...

  10. Mike Tyson asegura que descubrió a Brad Pitt practicando sexo con su exmujer

    El exboxeador y campeón mundial de los pesos pesados Mike Tyson asegura en una entrevista haber descubierto años atrás al actor Brad Pitt mientras se encontraba prac...

  11. Ringside seat: Mike Tyson looks back at his boxing career

    Shares the 'Undisputed Truth' about his life

  12. New Zealand cancels Mike Tyson's visa over rape conviction

    In a reversal, Mike Tyson has been denied entry to the country whose indigenous Maori people he says inspired his facial tattoo.New Zealand authorities on Wednesday ...

  1. How much is Jimi Hendrix’s estate worth?

    WSJ celebrity business reporter Lee Hawkins on Jimi Hendrix’s estate and the upcoming Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley boxing match.

  2. Mike Tyson talks religon: 'I need Allah'

    In 2003 the former heavy weight champion Mike Tyson sunk to the lowest dredges. He was broke, an addict and national punch line, but he reinvented himself as a comed...

  3. Mike Tyson confused by Chinese web humour

    Boxing legend Mike Tyson is keen to up his profile in China but is struggling to get to grips with the country's sardonic sense of humour, judging by his online "wei...

  4. Mike Tyson : I'm 'on the verge of dying' from alcoholism

    Mike Tyson  told reporters last week that he's been lying about being sober and is "on the verge of dying" due to alcoholism.The former heavyweight champion was aske...

  5. Mike Tyson faces his 'Undisputed Truth'

    Uncut: Former heavyweight champion on his new book, his one-man show, HBO special, controversial comments on Sarah Palin and life after being 'The Baddest Man on the Planet'

  6. Dick Gregory on his personal life and Mike Tyson

    Comedian and political activist Dick Gregory on his personal life and Mike Tyson .

  7. 'Russian Mike Tyson' in coma as family says boxer didn't receive help at ringside

    The New York State Athletic Commission is under fire after its doctors allowed a boxer -- who has now been in a coma for more than a week – to depart Madison Square ...

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