Beyonce performs through wardrobe malfunction at Coachella

All eyes were on Beyonce’s historic headline performance at Coachella on Saturday, which made her ensuing wardrobe malfunction all the more noticeable. However, with a little creative one-hand choreography, the performer kept it professional and allowed the show to go on.

As previously reported, Beyonce reunited with her original group, Destiny’s Child, at Saturday’s main event at the popular music festival. During her performance, which was streamed live, many fans noticed that one of the star’s five outfit changes during her performance took a turn for the worst. While dancing with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, her camo bodysuit with thigh-high boots started to slip at the top, prompting Beyonce to hold her breast in place with one hand as she continued her set.

Later, fans noticed that the same outfit gave her the same issue during her dance off with sister Solange. In addition, one of her knee-high boots slipped down to her ankle. Needless to say, Twitter users noticed the slip and reacted with nothing but admiration for Beyonce’s ability to continue on.

“Beyonce performed for the last 20-30 minutes with a wardrobe malfunction, one hand on her chest and STILL executed at a high level,” one user wrote.

“Shout out to Beyonce for keeping it together through that wardrobe malfunction,” another wrote.

Other users were quick to joke that the person responsible for her attire was likely in some serious hot water for the on-stage mix up.

“Beyonce’s wardrobe person is already at LAX, passport in hand, headed off to an island so secluded and off the grid that Carmen San Diego would be jealous,” one user joked.

“That leotard strap is annoying Beyonce. Whoever’s on wardrobe is hearing it from Blue Ivy right now,” another wrote, referencing the star’s daughter.

According to People, designer Olivier Rousteing made all five of her looks in collaboration with Beyonce, her stylist Marni Senofonte and the rest of her team.