Bar Refaeli’s racy muppet ad banned in Israel during primetime

Bar Refaeli and Israeli muppet Red Orbach got hot and heavy during a sexy new commercial for Hoodies Underwear, which Israel’s TV watchdogs deemed too raunchy for primetime.

The state Second Authority for Television and Radio banned the ad during daytime and primetime, which ends at 10 p.m. in Israel, according to Haarezt newspaper because the commercial has "too many sexual insinuations."

The steamy spot shows Refaeli in bed, wrapped in a sheet, next to the rocker muppet who dreams about his sexual fantasies with three carbon copies of the blonde supermodel. The muppet and the three Refaelis are seen washing his car, lounging in a Jacuzzi and playing a strip card game.

The ad ends when Red Orbach takes off his Hoodies brand underwear and wakes up. Refaeli then appears and gives the camera a suggestive wink.

The supermodel doesn’t seem too fazed by the banning of her commercial. She retweeted articles about the ad and posted a sexy snapshot from the commercial.

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