Bad relationships behind her, Jana Kramer dances for her daughter

Before Jana Kramer was “Dancing with the Stars,” the country singer endured an abusive marriage. Now she's empowering others by opening up about her past struggles.

“For me, it’s not a very talked about subject and it should be because I feel like the more it’s talked about the more women will be able to know their strength and know their worth, and be able to get out of there," Kramer told FOX411. "And again, the more you talk about that I feel like the more it raises awareness for women to know that isn’t okay, and it doesn’t need to be a secret."

Kramer's first husband Michael Gambino choked her into unconsciousness in 2005. He was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to six years in prison. He was released in 2010 and committed suicide two years later.

Kramer told FOX411 that she is now dedicated to her young daughter, Jolie Rae.

“Everything in my life has come very full circle, and just again seeing her there and everything I’ve been through, and with her and just and now dancing for my daughter, it was an amazing moment for me," she said. "I felt like I was finally able to just let go and have a very powerful dance for her.”

While Kramer has had her share of bad relationships -- she divorced actor Jonahtan Schaech and her third husband recently checked into rehab for sex addiction -- the Optic White spokesperson said her daughter is what makes her smile the most today.

“She is my whole entire world," she said. "And it’s just knowing that I have this precious little girl, it just makes everything in my life worthwhile.”