Ariel Winter on shaking off haters: I tell myself every day 'I look fabulous'

It's taken "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter a few years to learn how to deal with haters.

But the actress has finally come to terms the criticism she faces on social media.

"It's definitely hard being self-conscious and having the world be able to tell you how they feel about you," Winter told Seventeen Magazine. "When I was younger, it took a lot more of a toll on me than it does now. Three or four years ago, I would have been devastated, like, Why do people feel this way about me? I’m just being me."

Ariel Winter dons head-turning one-piece swimsuit

Winter credits her sister with helping her "understand that people will say those things regardless of how you look. I tell myself every day, 'I look fabulous.'"

One look that caused quite a stir was a pink bodycon dress with a revealing cut-out on Winter's chest. She was heavily criticized for the risque dress.

Some called her "too fat" for the dress while others said she was too young for such a revealing look.

"I looked great in it, I loved it, and that’s all that matters to me… There are so many other issues in the world that are more important than my graduation dress showing a little underboob."