American Idol: Jessica Sanchez In Top 10, Shannon Magrane Out

America has once again voted their top 10 contestants on American Idol and Jessica Sanchez is in.

The Filipina-Mexican contender also found out Thursday evening she will go on to the summer tour with nine of her fellow American Idol hopefuls.

“Jessica, you are safe,” revealed host Ryan Seacrest.

Had those not been the results, it would have gotten ugly on the show, since big-time producer, Jimmy Lovine, said Sanchez deserved to be a part of the top 10 despite her vocal stumble the previous evening.

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“I completely supported her to do an up-tempo [song]” Lovine said about Sanchez’s rendition of Gloria Estefan's version of Vicki Sue Robinson's "Turn the Beat Around."

“She’s not going home,” he added. “Based on last week’s performances of who she is…If she goes home, we should all go home."

Sanchez savored in the victory of earning one of the coveted spots in the top 10, but Tampa native Shannon Magrane didn’t have Sanchez' luck and was sent home empty handed.

Magrane, 16, nailed a rendition of Mariah Carey’s and Boyz 2 Men’s “One Sweet Day,” but it wasn’t enough to convince America she’s ready to be the next idol.

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Jennifer Lopez, who donned a bedazzled gold ensemble with cut out stars, was not happy with America’s decision to send Magrane home.

She seemed very sad when her fellow judge, music producer Randy Jackson, revealed they would not save Magrane.

“Unfortunately, we won’t use that save,” Jackson told Seacrest when he asked the judges if they would use their only ‘save’ opportunity of the season.

As if on cue JLO started crying. But, Magrane handled it well and held her composure as others, such as Heejun Han and even Sanchez herself, broke down in tears around her.

"You three have been so honest with me," Magrane told the judges. "I feel so good being on this stage."

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