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Ryan Seacrest

Meghan McCain vs. Ryan Seacrest

Pinheads & Patriots: 11/5

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  1. Idol Chatter: 1/14

    Do viewers really want to know contestants' background information?

  2. Emmy Nods

    Nominations announced for TV's highest honor

  3. Hollywood Nation: 7/10

    Ryan Seacrest , George Clooney and 'The Beaver' gives the Hollywood Nation something to chew on

  4. Changes Coming to 'Idol'

    How will hit reality show deal with loss of Simon Cowell, Ellen Degeneres?

  5. TV's Best

    A look at who's up for an Emmy this year

  6. Fans Try Out for Idol

    American Idol fans are auditioning today in northern New Jersey for a spot on the hit show

  7. Top Pick

    What's country music sensation Kellie Pickler have in store for fans?

  8. Idol Chatter: 3/6's Diane Macedo and singer/actor Mike Fasano break down the hits and misses of 'American Idol'

  9. On the Fox Lot: 'The Expendables' Take on Julia

    Plus, Chef Ramsay double-dips

  10. Hollywood Nation: Simon Leads Men of Prime Time

    Napoleon Dynamite comes to TV; high profile Hollywood breakups

  11. World Series Getting in the Halloween Spirit

    Major League Baseball, 'American Idol' stars team up in search for best Halloween costume

  12. 1-Minute Recap

    Quick recap of American Idol show from May 6, 2008

  1. Hollywood Nation: Ryan Seacrest Not Satisfied

    Johhny Depp's all-powerful; Helen Mirren's a gender bender

  2. Joe Lieberman Is Calling It Quits

    Senator explains retirement decision

  3. Celebrity Tweeting for Good Cause

    TwitChange's innovative way of raising money to educate women in poverty

  4. 411TV: 'Idol' Across America Mobile Experience

    Bus decked out with memorabilia from every season departs for a city near you

  5. Seacrest Interview to Get Votes?

    Former Clinton special assistant Richard Socarides on President Obama's attempt to reach young voters

  6. Marvin's Minute: 12/1

    Hulk Hogan's new book hits shelves as he considers a new bride

  7. Idol Chatter: 1/20's Diane Macedo and FOX News Radio's Chris Foster discuss the hits and misses of 'American Idol'

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