Amanda Bynes lunges at man who tries to take a photo: Who's the hottest mess in Hollywood?

Another day, another sad Amanda Bynes development. This weekend, Amanda Bynes was letting loose in Atlantic City, when a fan tried to snap a photo of the former Nickelodeon star in a hotel lobby.

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According to E! News, Bynes was none too pleased with the attempt and reportedly followed Bobby Cohen around and tried to snatch his phone away, saying "Sir, I need you to delete that. You can't take pictures of me."

Hotel security ultimately had to intervene because Bynes was allegedly not leaving the man alone.

If you've been relatively lucid the last few months, you probably have a hunch that Amanda Bynes is on a downward spiral. She posts risque photos and controversial statements on her Twitter feed on a daily basis and she's been said to show erratic behavior by many who've been around her.

But is she Hollywood's hottest mess? That's debatable. There's always Lindsay Lohan, who is sadly the poster child for going off the deep-end with her partying. Then again, who can forget a bald Britney Spears attacking a paparazzo's car with an umbrella circa 2007? Heck, even Charlie Sheen has a shot at "winning" the hot mess award with his 2011 public meltdown... tiger blood and all.

From Amanda Bynes to Lindsay Lohan to Charlie Sheen, hot messes are apparently pretty easy to come by in Hollywood. But who's the biggest mess of all?

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