Adam Carolla Sounds Off On Girly Guys, Celebrities That Do PSAs, and Why Fantasy Football is Killing America

Adam Carolla has some pretty bold opinions when it comes to everything from the feminine state of males in America to the banning of nuts in schools across the country.

(We're talking peanuts and cashews, not wack jobs.)

We caught up with the television and radio personality to chat about his latest controversy, a collection of his thoughts all rolled into one new book: “In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks.”

FOX411: Overall, are guys becoming more girly? 

Adam Carolla: Well sure, we’re shaving our bodies and we’re spray tanning and putting piercings everywhere. Nobody changes their own oil. Dr. Drew showed up late to Loveline (the radio show they hosted together) one night and I asked him what the problem was and he said he had a flat tire and he had to wait for AAA. I asked him where did he get the flat tire and he said he was at home. So he called AAA to come fix his tire – at his house. That’s not a good sign.

FOX411: And in the book you seem very upset that schools are banning certain foods…

Carolla: The easiest sandwich to make is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, my son loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but he’s not allowed to bring them to his preschool. He cannot bring anything that resembles a nut, no cashews, no almonds, no anything and you realize as a parent if your kid likes something--and my kids like nuts---and they are healthy and there’s a lot of protein in them and you can dump them easily into a Ziploc bag that is a gift from God. But when they outlaw it on the school campus then it complicates your life. But we have crafted a society where a child cannot eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at school and I don’t call it progress.

FOX411: You also aren’t a fan of celebrities doing Public Service Announcements. 

Carolla: I just think if you’re going to do one, do one about something that can add something to society – not one that has David Schwimmer saying ‘talk to your kids.’ Of course we’re going to talk to our kids. We have real problems, we have people driving around I guarantee that 80% of the people on the road have their tires under inflated, horrible mileage and they are wearing out their tires and it is dangerous – we should do PSA’s where David Schwimmer says ‘Hey! Put some air in your tires!’ not ‘talk to your kids’. That doesn’t even mean anything.

Or we get some model like Molly Sims saying ‘beauty comes from inside, you should love yourself.’ What kind of nonsense is that? Really? Molly Sims, do you really think you’d be where you are today if you were just beautiful inside and not only on the outside!? There are other ways and it’s insulting.

FOX411: Switching gears, you’ve said before you don’t believe, contrary to popular opinion, that America is a racist country. 

Carolla: Well, it’s never going to be an issue that goes away as long as there are people who don’t want it to go away. So as long as there’s a group of folks that profit from it or believe to gain power and popularity from it or damage other people by calling them a racist, it’s never going to go away. We can have people say this is a racist nation, but we have a black president – the most powerful person. The richest person on television, Oprah, is a black woman, the second most powerful star on television or in the media is probably Will Smith, and he is a black man. The richest athlete on the planet, at least pre-divorce, is a black man – Tiger Woods. And the highest paid singer is Beyonce. At what point do we get to stop calling ourselves a racist nation? If we are [racist] we aren’t doing a very good job at it.

FOX411: Speaking of bad jobs, fantasy football was a bad invention?

Carolla: I don’t like fantasy football, I usually refer to it as fairytale football, it’s not something a guy should be wasting his life doing. Once you have kids you really should be getting off the fantasy football. More time is wasted messing around with fantasy football than hurt backs and missed work days, and its killing this nation of ours.

FOX411: And lastly, something that all girls should know about guys?

Carolla: We don’t care nearly as much as you’d like us to care. We approach life a little bit differently than you do and you see everything through your filter. Meaning if the guy forgets your birthday or something because, to you if you forgot his birthday it would mean something. If you look at it through the wiring of the guys eyes you’d realize you probably shouldn’t be as hurt or maybe take as much offense to three quarters of the stuff that ruins you in a relationship.