Score one for new luxury.


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s Super Bowl ad for the Genesis GV80 generated more interest for its brand than any other car commercial, according to two reports.

The humorous spot, which featured the married couple deriding a crowd of “old money” stereotypes at a party and declaring the beginning of an era of “new luxury” with the value-priced premium SUV, caused traffic to Genesis on the Edmunds automotive research site to spike 182,343 percent compared to a normal Sunday. That figure far surpassing the 9,408 percent lift second-place GMC received from its commercial for the new electric HUMMER EV that starred NBA great LeBron James.

Hyundai-owned Genesis also topped the list at, where it saw a 5,530 percent jump during the eight minutes after the ad ran, while Porsche’s action-packed “Heist” commercial for its electric Taycan sports sedan earned it a 1,072 percent boost, enough for second place.

Interestingly, according to the GMC ad only increased traffic for the brand by 26 percent, but the number of searches for used HUMMERs was up 479 percent. The last time you could buy a new HUMMER truck was 2010.

The Genesis ad wasn’t quite as effective driving traffic to the GV80 itself, however. It finished fifth on Edmund’s list of specific models at 2,258 percent, while corporate cousin Kia got a better response to Las Vegas Raiders star Josh Jacobs’ emotional commercial for its new Seltos subcompact SUV, which finished first with a 147,969 percent traffic bump. In it, Jacobs gives an inspirational speech to a boy representing him when he was growing up homeless in Tulsa.