Automakers aren't leaving a lot to the imagination when it comes to their Super Bowl LIV car commercials. Most of the spots set to run during the game have already been released online. If football's not your thing, or you're just impatient, here's what's coming on Sunday night, including one ad that couldn't run any other day of the year.


Winter is coming in Audi's commercial. It features "Game of Thrones" actress Maisie Williams driving the all-electric e-tron SUV through a bleak, emissions-filled landscape of streets clogged with gas-guzzling vehicles as she sings "Let it Go" from Disney's "Frozen" and ends on the line line "the cold never bothered me anyway."


Hyundai-owned Genesis has tapped married celebrities John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for its first Super Bowl ad, to promote its first SUV, the GV50. The couple, ages 41 and 34, were chosen to represent the "young luxury" image the brand is going for with its $50,000 three-row utility vehicle.


A decade after its demise, General Motors is rebooting HUMMER with an all-electric truck to be sold by GMC starting next year. Teasers for the spot that will star NBA great and former HUMMER owner LeBron James promise a "Quiet Revolution" led by a ridiculously powerful vehicle.


Hyundai has ventured into the realm of regional stereotypes to introduce the 2020 Sonata's remote "Smart Park" feature with Bostonian actors Chirs Evans, John Krasinski, Rachael Dratch exaggerating their local accents to comically demonstrate "Smaht Pahk" as Red Sox legend David Ortiz looks on.


All Jeep has confirmed is that it "will debut one 60-second commercial" during the Super Bowl, but there may be more to it than that. According to reports, the commercial features Bill Murray and other stars reprising their roles from the comedy classic "Groundhog Day," which is fitting as the game is taking place on Feb. 2. In the film, Murray's character is caught in a loop reliving the same day over and over. Jeep cautions that you'll have to "watch closely to see the commercial" because it's not saying when it will run, so there could be a time-bending element to the story.


Kia's inspirational ad for the Seltos compact SUV features Raiders running back Josh Jacobs, who was homeless as a middle schooler, telling a younger version of himself to keep pushing despite the challenges he's facing. The commercial ties into a Kia charitable initiative called "Yards Against Homelessness" that includes a $1,000 donation made by the automaker o Covenant House, Positive Tomorrows and StandUp For Kids for every yard gained by the teams during the game.


It looks like Porsche has been saving up for its first Super Bowl commercial since 1997 because the spot for its Taycan electric sedan features a car chase worthy of a big-budget action film and a twist ending to go with it.


The 2020 Highlander will be the star of Toyota's ad. The all-new, three-row SUV will be available in an all-wheel-drive hybrid model that gets a best-in-class 36 mpg. Will the commercial be as thrilling as that sounds? You'll have to wait to see, because Toyota hasn't released any clips.