Romania: 1,000 police officers protest to demand higher pay

Some 1,000 police officers protested in Romania's capital to demand higher salaries, saying their work is not adequately remunerated.

Officers from different areas of Romania gathered outside the interior ministry on Thursday, yelling "You thieves!" Some blew whistles and vuvuzelas and waved Romanian flags.

Marius Barbulescu, leader of the Mihai Viteazul police union, said officers should be paid the minimum monthly salary of 1,450 lei ($340), and on top of that should receive other benefits in line with other public servants.

Barbulescu told the Agerpres national news agency: "We are dealing with humiliation that is hard to describe in words." He said police "are public employees, with a special status."

Union leaders later met with Interior Minister Carmen Dan to discuss their demands.