Woman in Maryland impaled in chest by beach umbrella

A woman visiting a Maryland beach Sunday was impaled in the chest by a loose umbrella -- the second such incident in a week to occur on an East Coast beach.

Ocean City spokeswoman Jessica Waters said the umbrella appeared to have been lifted off the ground by a gust of wind before impaling the 54-year-old woman in the chest.

Waters said the woman was conscious after the incident, but her name and condition weren't immediately released.

A witness said the woman was impaled by the sharper end of the umbrella, which is used to drive it into the sand.

Waters said a Maryland State Police helicopter took the woman for medical care. She told the Washington Post that paramedics cut off part of the umbrella’s shaft to facilitate transport to the hospital.

Last week, a woman was impaled by a beach umbrella on the New Jersey shore. Authorities said part of the umbrella pierced the woman’s ankle after being blown out of the ground by the wind.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.