Wisconsin man seeks freedom in Gangster Disciples case

Lawyers for a Wisconsin man targeted in a nationwide probe of Gangster Disciples street gang members say he should be freed while awaiting trial and allowed to return home, where he contributes to the arts and music scenes there.

A pair of indictments unsealed this month in federal courts in Atlanta and Memphis, Tennessee, name 48 defendants. They're accused of crimes including murder, drug trafficking, robbery, and carjacking.

Attorneys for LaDerris Dickerson say in court documents that he's a co-founder of "The Hops Museum" in Madison, Wisconsin, which includes a brewing museum and creative space for artists and entrepreneurs.

Prosecutors say Dickerson was involved in a carjacking.

His attorney says he denies that and adds that the Atlanta indictment doesn't allege that Dickerson is a Gangster Disciple.