Why Delta's Latest Meme-Packed Safety Video Is Marketing Gold

Here’s one way to ensure your brand’s video goes viral: pack every meme in recent memory into a single clip starring a slew of bold-faced YouTubers as well as a handful of the Internet’s most beloved pets. Add some stodgy special effects -- and voilà!

This was precisely Delta’s approach to The Internetest safety video on the Internet -- the company’s latest in-flight safety film. What better way to make oxygen mask protocol and the prospect of detachable rafts more bearable than double rainbows stowed in overhead compartments or aisle rows rocking out to the Harlem Shake?

While Delta’s clip may leave some adults scratching their heads, outlandish airline safety videos have become a thrifty marketing ploy to drum up massive online viewership in recent years. Virgin America struck gold in 2013, for instance, with its irresistibly catchy Safety Dance video (10.7 million views), and Air New Zealand has repeatedly outdone itself with clips inspired by The Hobbit (14.5 million views) as well as promos starring pilots and flight attendants with their uniforms painted on (7.5 million views.)

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