Body of missing Texas boyfriend found, but girlfriend's whereabouts a mystery

Weltzin Garcia and Alfonso Hernandez had a problematic relationship, but remained linked to each other through their two young children.

A few weeks ago, police issued a warrant for Hernandez’s arrest for domestic violence, according to Texas media outlets. But days after the warrant was issued both Garcia, 26, and Hernandez, 28, disappeared.

On Sunday, police found Hernandez’s body in White Rock Lake, where they earlier had found his car.

But Garcia’s body still has not been found. The local NBC affiliate reported that despite the time that has lapsed and the recovery of Hernandez’s body, Garcia’s family is hoping she is found alive.

Dallas police have obtained cell phone records for both Garcia and Hernandez.

Alfonso Hernandez

Garcia's identical twin, Atziry Garcia Mireles, told the local NBC affiliate that police found Weltzin Garcia's phone in Hernadez's pocket, and that his phone was in his car. She now is taking care of the children, ages three and six, who immediately after the couple's disappearance were placed in foster care.

"He's thinking I'm his mom, but he's little, you know," Mireles said to NBC. "He's calling me mommy every time so it's like very emotional for me, but I'm not gonna break down because I need to be strong for them and they need to know that everything is going to be okay."


Relatives have told reporters that the couple had a troubled relationship. Hernandez had taken steps, which were not detailed, to address anger issues, according to the local NBC affiliate. Before he disappeared, he had spoken of dying by suicide after arguing with Garcia.

"I know he had some suicide thoughts, but not this,” Mireles said to NBC. “I still do not understand why he'd do that to his family, to his kids. We don't know why.”