Wedding celebration turns violent when guest allegedly sends dog to attack bride

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Denver police are looking for a man accused of beating a bride on her wedding day, and then sending his roommate’s dog to attack her.

A friend of Brittany Schult-Cortez's and Jorge Cortez-Trinidad's was attending their wedding reception at a relative’s home when he reportedly became angry with the DJ and left, Fox 31 reports.

The friend, Joel Nevaraz, 21, then allegedly returned to the home around 12:30 a.m. with a dog, which according to Schult-Cortez, he instructed to “sic her.”

“I tried to talk him down, walk him home,” Schult-Cortez told FOX31. “He saw my husband jump the fence. He said, ‘Sic her Skylo. Sic her Skylo,’” she said.

“Why would someone I consider to be my brother, do this to me?” the 22-year-old told the station.

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Nevarez reportedly has a history of mental illness.

Cortez-Trinidad, 21, told police he heard screaming and crying outside, and when he walked out he saw, “his wife being drug by her hair by our friend’s pit bull.” Police told FOX31 the dog is not a pit bull but could not confirm its breed.

When Cortez-Trinidad tried to rip the dog off of his new bride, it allegedly bit him three times on his thigh.

Nevaraz, who posted threatening messages on his Facebook page following the attack, reportedly stood nearby laughing as Cortez-Schultz says she was bitten, and he beat her with brass knuckles.

While authorities continue to look for Nevaraz, Schult-Cortez continues to worry. She said he wrote in a Facebook message to her that he was going to Boston to kill himself.

Nevarez faces a felony charge of first-degree assault with a deadly weapon.

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