Video shows Manhattan bomber's NJ backyard trial run days before attack

Manhattan federal prosecutors just unveiled new video of accused Chelsea bomber Ahmad Rahimi igniting a homemade incendiary device in his New Jersey backyard — two days before the Sept. 17, 2016 bombings in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood and in the Garden State that injured dozens.

The video, shown at Rahimi’s bombing trial on Thursday, shows the Elizabeth, NJ, resident squatting in the middle of his yard to light a small, black object while an unidentified woman takes a cell phone video.

The object starts to smoke before shooting off a tall flame, which startled the woman.

If convicted, Rahimi, 29, stands to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Thursday’s proceedings ended before the witness who introduced the video could explain more about the object that was ignited or how it relates to the bombings.

Rahimi’s backyard pyrotechnics have been expected, however, because cell phone footage taken by the woman was referenced in the complaint filed against him last year.

“The video depicts the lighting of the fuse, a loud noise and flames, followed by billowing smoke and laughter,” according to the complaint.

The trial is expected to continue Tuesday after the Columbus Day holiday.

Story first appeared at the New York Post.