US terror attacks common denominator: Anwar al-Awlaki

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Five years after Anwar al-Awlaki (ahn-WAHR' al-aw-LAH'-kee) was killed by an American drone strike, he keeps inspiring acts of terror.

Investigators say a bomb that injured more than two dozen people in New York a week ago was the latest in a long line of incidents in which attackers were inspired by al-Awlaki, an American imam who became an al-Qaida propagandist and was killed in Yemen.

Terror experts say al-Awlaki's online videos have inspired attackers including the brothers behind the Boston Marathon bombing.

Federal terrorism charges against New York bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami say a bloodstained notebook found on him after he was arrested included passages praising al-Awlaki. And Rahami's father says he went to authorities two years ago partly because he was concerned about his son's admiration for al-Awlaki.