Twins who rose to top of drug world eligible for light sentence after informing on drug lord

Twin brothers who partnered with Mexico's most notorious cartel kingpin to build a nearly $2 billion North American drug ring will be sentenced Tuesday in Chicago.

Anyone convicted of trafficking a fraction as much cocaine and heroin as 33-year-old Pedro and Margarito Flores could normally expect to get life in prison.

But the twin's cooperation led to indictments of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman and 50 others. So prosecutors are asking for a remarkably lenient term — around 10 years.

Prosecutors portray the brothers as among the most valuable drug traffickers who ever became informants.

Drug-world figures weighed in on the twins' importance in own their way. Prosecutors say they killed the twins' father in Mexico after word spread that they had spilled secrets to authorities.