Trump Notches Victory #3 in Nevada

Third time another charm for Donald Trump who won his third state in a row last night in the GOP Nevada caucus. Fox still hasn’t declared whether Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz came in second, but most outlets are reporting Rubio beat Cruz for #2 by a few percentage points.

Philip Rucker and David Weigel write in the Washington Post write, “An angry electorate hungry for a political outsider in the White House handed Trump his third straight win in the GOP primary race as the billionaire mogul used visceral rhetoric to tap into anxieties about the economy, terrorism and illegal immigration.”

A couple of campaign events to watch today.

1200EST -- OH Gov Kasich holds a town hall meeting. Cafe Climb, Gulfport, MS. TBA COVER

1200EST -- Donald Trump speaks to Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA. LIVE

Hillary Clinton is in South Carolina which holds its Dem primary on Saturday. Bernie Sanders campaigning today in Missouri and Oklahoma.

Sanders may be throwing in the towel on South Carolina.. he’s not in the state.. and may be focusing on states that vote on Super Tuesday that are more competitive. Clinton has a strong lead in SC especially among the large proportion of African-American voters.

Some tough news for Hillary Clinton. A judge ruled her top aides can be questioned in the email server controversy. Spencer S. Hsu and Rosalind S. Helderman write in the Washington Post today:

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that top aides to Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton should be questioned under oath about her use of a private email server as secretary of state, raising new political and legal complications for Clinton as she tries to maintain momentum for her campaign. The ruling granted a request from the conservative group Judicial Watch, which sought testimony from State Department officials and members of Clinton's inner circle to determine whether Clinton's email arrangement thwarted federal open-records laws.

A Hispanic Group says at least 13 million Latinos will vote in 2016.. a 17% increase over 2012.

Republican Senators literally through President Obama’s plan to close Gitmo in the garbage yesterday. The President proposing to shut down the military prison the U.S. base on Cuba. Republicans say it’s a non-starter.

Republican Senators also refusing to even consider an Obama nominee to replace Justice Scalia who died earlier this month. The GOP wants the next president to fill the vacancy on the high court. That would be 11 months with no replacement.

1000EST -- Sens Graham and McCain, and possibly Ayotte, hold a press conference to discuss Guantanamo Bay. LIVE

1000EST -- House Appropriations Subcmte on State, Foreign Affairs, & Related Programs holds a "Budget Hearing - Dept of State & Foreign Assistance. Secy Kerry testifies. LIVE

1000EST -- House Armed Services Cmte holds hearing on "The Challenge of Conventional and Hybrid Warfare in the Asia-Pacific Region: The Changing the Nature of the Security Environment and its Effect on Military Planning". US Pacom Cmnder Adm Harry Harris, Jr, and US Forces Korea cmnder Army Gen Curtis Scaparrotti testify. LIVE WEBCAST

1030EST -- Senate Appropriations Defense Subcmte holds a hearing to review the FY2017 budget request and funding justification for the US Army. Army Secy Patrick Murphy and Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley testify. LIVE

1200EST -- House Armed Services Cmte Chair McCaul and Sen. Warner speak at the Bipartisan Policy Center about the challenges of terrorists "going dark" and other issues of digital security. LIVE via LiveU

President Obama set to meet with the King of Jordan today to discuss Syria and the 1.4 million Syrian refugees in Jordan.

1035EST -- POTUS meets with King Abdullah II of Jordan. VPOTUS attends. Oval Office. POOL TAPE SPRAY

New Zika virus fears. The CDC now says that the disease spreads via sexual contact more often that once thought.

Twisters tore through parts of the South yesterday. Severe weather hit the Gulf Coast hard. At least three are dead in Louisiana and Mississippi. In Alabama and Georgia there are flash flood watches in effect for today.

42 are dead after a major cyclone hit Fiji. The extent of the damage is unknown at this time.

China flew jets to disputed islands in disputed islands in the South China Sea just days after setting up radar stations. It’s seen as a major escalation. Gordon Chang will join us.

Bolivian voters rejected a four term for the socialist President Evo Morales.. it’s another step away from socialism in South America.

Stocks are set to open lower as oil prices continue to fall. U.S. stocks fell more than 1% yesterday. The British pound is falling on rising fears it could leave the EU.

1000EST -- New Home Sales for Jan, 2016.

1030EST -- EIA Petroleum Status Report for wk2/19, 2016.

Airbus reported strong profits. Honda wants two-thirds of its cars to be electric by 2030. A new report in the WSJ shows the pay of S&P companies’ boards of directors rose a shocking 50% between 2006 and 2014.. during the great recession.

Takata in trouble again today. It continued to fake crash test results more than a year after a major recall according the U.S. Senate.

China’s capital of Beijing now has more billionaires than New York City.

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